Castleblayney College

TYP 2022-2023

Transition Year 2022-23

Last year there were lots of opportunities offered to our students to help them develop and mature into young adults, and to guide them towards their future career paths.

With visitors in, trips out and work experience, teachers continued to be innovative and creative, endeavouring to make this a great year for our students. It was a busy, enjoyable and challenging year for students. Students who engaged in the spirit of Transition Year, truly experienced a holistic education.


Projects for TY students 2022-2023 included:

1. Gaisce (the President’s Award),

This is an opportunity for TY students to develop skills and talents of interest through the four Key Challenge areas of: Personal Skill, Physical recreation, Community involvement and Adventure journey

2. GAA Future Leaders Programme:

This is a cross-curricular programme comprising of a series of modules designed to encourage maturity, initiative, responsibility and leadership skills in students.

3. Microsoft Office Specialist Certification: Students gain computer skills and get Microsoft Office Certified, to enable them to engage in the fast changing world of technology.

4. Health and Safety Authority – Choose Safety Course

5. Career Investigations


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