Castleblayney College

Religious Education

Our Ethos: We see ourselves as fostering inclusivity and diversity and promoting understanding of the characteristic spirit of the school.

1. Aims and Objectives

  • We uphold the aims of Religious Education as contained in the Junior and Leaving Certificate Syllabus. (see for further information).
  • Religion is taken as an examination subject for the Junior Certificate since 2007. Our results are above the national average. Students take Religion as a non-examination subject for the Leaving Certificate.

2. Historical Context

As a Vocational School in Castleblayney, we are sensitive to the historical religious differences in our area. We aim to promote understanding about Christianity, and to promote tolerance and understanding of other religious traditions and cultures in our school and local community. We encourage students to acknowledge and celebrate cultural diversity.

3. Community Links and Projects

  • We promote community projects where students can get involved in local and national initiatives to promote peace and understanding of different religious traditions and cultures. e.g. One Community, Different Project 2009-2014 (Peace III)
  • We organise speakers from different religious backgrounds and communities as appropriate to the syllabus and to encourage interfaith dialogue . (e.g. Local Parish Priest, Local Minister, Jewish leader etc.).
  • We participate in ecumenical events in the community (e.g. Carol singing in St. Marys Hospital and the local churches).
  • Within our religion classes we raise awareness and encourage our students to get involved in active participation to help others. (e.g. St. Vincent de Paul Hampers, Trocaire Boxes, Amnesty International etc.).

4. Liturgies

We hold liturgies at regular times throughout the school year to mark various occasions in our school life. These include our First Year School Liturgy, September Whole School Liturgy, Christmas Carol Service, Lenten Service, May School Service with particular focus on 6th Years.
We hold class prayer services and meditation in class where appropriate to syllabus and topics covered.

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Junior Cycle Religious Education


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