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A Mathematical understanding is fundamental to surviving in the modern world and through our well-structured curricula and common exam papers here in Castleblayney College Mathematics Department, we hope to facilitate this objective. Mathematics is a core subject in Castleblayney College where all students must study Mathematics at a level that best suits their needs. It is offered at Higher, Ordinary and Foundation level at Leaving Certificate and Higher and Ordinary Level at Junior Cycle.
Mathematics is a requirement for a great number of jobs and courses. In terms of jobs, employers look for numeracy skills in all areas, including apprenticeships, nursing and the Gardaí.

 Junior Cycle Maths 

Junior Cycle Mathematics focuses on improving students’ mathematical experience in the classroom and on developing skills for life, work and further study through the five interconnected strands: Statistics and Probability, Geometry and Trigonometry, Number, Algebra and Functions. (NCCA). Further information can be found at the following link, NCCA Curriculum Online Mathematics

All students in Castleblayney College will study mathematics at Higher or Ordinary level. From 2021 onwards, all students in Junior Cycle will undertake 2 CBAs in Mathematics: CBA 1 is a Mathematical Investigation (completed in Second Year) and CBA 2 is a Statistical Investigation (completed in Third Year) followed by an Assessment Task (AT) worth 10% of their Junior Cycle Exam. Their Junior Cycle Exam (a 2 hour written paper) will complete their 3 years of study of Mathematics at Junior level.


Leaving Certificate Maths 

Leaving Certificate students who pass higher-level mathematics with a H6 or higher will be awarded 25 CAO bonus points for university entry. The bonus of 25 points, gives students 71 points for a higher level H6 up to a maximum of 125 for an H1. However, it is important to note that a H7 is awarded 37 points at higher level but should a student only secure a H7 grade, they will not get the extra 25 bonus points. Some of the participating institutions recognising the bonus points include: DCU, NUI Galway, NUI Maynooth, UCC, UCD, Trinity College, the University of Limerick, the Royal College of Surgeons, and all Institutes of Technology.

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Maths Week 

One of the highlights of the year for Mathematics in Castleblayney College is our annual celebration of Maths Week Ireland. This week provides students the opportunity to have fun with maths and to participate in different challenges and competitions presented to them.


 Careers in Maths 

From a careers perspective, students considering a career in any area of science, medicine, engineering, business, or finance should be studying higher level maths if at all possible, as large portions of the higher level course will be reviewed or assumed at third level. There are of course many other careers and courses which benefit from a knowledge of higher level maths.
A pass in ordinary level maths is essential for entry to the majority of courses. Passing ordinary level maths is extremely important, as the majority of CAO courses require at least an O6; and students who don’t meet this requirement are often left with few third level education options.
There is a growing number of colleges and courses that offer places to students who secure a minimum of an F1 (20 points) or an F2 (12 points) in maths at Foundation level. Points for Foundation level Mathematics will be awarded by certain institutions.


Junior Cycle Maths

Senior Cycle Maths

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