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The Irish language is part of our Irish heritage, we promote the language in the school at every available opportunity. Promoting the Irish language in our school is one of our core values.

In Castleblayney College we endeavour to provide students with an opportunity to excel in their state exams by offering them the chance to enhance their Irish language skills through the following avenues which are available to them:

  • A trip to the Gaeltacht for Junior Students
  • Trip to the Gaeltacht for Senior students (where they undergo a mock oral with state examiners)
  • The Fáinne Exam
  • Scholarships for students to attend the Gaeltacht.

All students partake in ‘Seachtain na Gaeilge’ where a wide range of activities and events are available to them including:

  • Ceilí Dancing
  • Tráth na gceist
  • Comoratais Ealaine
  • Toraíocht taisce



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Junior Cycle Gaeilge

Senior Cycle Gaeilge

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