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At Castleblayney College the English Language Department takes pride in presenting students a variety of texts to enjoy and study from first year to sixth year.

Ranging from short stories, drama, films and novels to Patrick Kavanagh and Shakespeare, there is always something to engage our students and help them consider the world in another way.

We believe that not only is it important to deliver the official content of the Junior and Leaving Certificate courses to the strongest standard but to foster a life-long love of reading and writing within the student according to their interests and experience.

In addition to classroom activities and homework, there are other opportunities arising out of the English Language course. For instance, students join the school debating team or have their writing published in the annual school magazine. Or if a student wishes to take their interest in drama and acting further, they could take to the stage in one of our successful school shows!

Wherever the student’s interest lies, teachers in the English Department strive to create a friendly working environment that enables our students to consider, learn and express themselves with confidence and clarity.


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