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Business Studies

Business Studies

The Business Studies course at Junior Cert level has been designed to prepare you for the real world, to help you make informed decisions in the everyday business of living, and to help you develop enterprise skills for a rapidly changing commercial environment.

Learning how to manage your personal finances is an important lifeskill which must be practised by everyone in a household or business context. Understanding the money system and your rights as a consumer will stand to you now and in the future. Knowing how companies operate, how business plans are constructed, and how products are marketed will give you an appetite for the world of commerce.


Leaving Certificate Business creates an awareness of the importance of business activity and develops a positive and ethical attitude towards enterprise.

The learning experiences in business develop students’ critical thinking, creative and organisational skills while enhancing literacy and numeracy skills using real-life examples. Business provides students with a learning foundation for a wide range of careers in business, marketing, law, enterprise and management.
This syllabus is assessed at Ordinary and Higher level.

 TY Business the launch of the School Bank

This challenge is an innovative and exciting new way for TY’s to run their own school bank, learn new skills, meet new people and while at the same time introduce the whole school to the world of banking.

The school bank also engages with the local community through fundraising and providing computer training courses to the elderly.

The banking team consisted of nine students who decided to market their school bank based on an Alice in Wonderland theme. “Alice in Saverland”.
Costumes and creativity were at their best as the school bank team generated a lot of buzz and excitement as they dressed in character to promote the concept and to encourage students to open bank accounts and become regular savers.
The school banking area was transformed into a “Mad Hatters Tea Party” with students, staff, AIB representatives and special guest the king of country music himself “Big Tom” all enjoying the treats and cakes made by TY students.
The challenge will have a positive effect on the whole school. Having a bank on site will introduce all students to the world of banking and encourage them to plan for their future.


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