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Agricultural Science

Agricultural Science involves the application of known scientific principles to the production of food and fibre for human use. 

The basic agricultural resource, soil, is farmed to produce commodities.  The course covers topics such as soils, fertilizers and manures, plant science, cultivation of tillage crops, grassland, forestry, genetics, animal science and animal production.  A project must be submitted as part of the examination process.

Castleblayney College is the only school in the town that provides this leaving certificate subject as part of the normal school timetable, with the school garden as a support facility.  Currently the course is delivered on a 5 class weekly schedule.  Being from a farm / farming background is an advantage but not a necessity.  It should be noted that as part of their project students MUST have access to a working farm ie own farm, or an uncle’s farm etc.

Agricultural science is now accepted as a laboratory science subject in third level colleges in Ireland, though it may not meet special course requirements where a specific science subject is requested.


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