What People Say About the School

An Achieving School
The Department of Education Inspectorate carried out a Whole School Evaluation (WSE) and a number of subject inspections at Castleblayney College and had the following to say:

"Castleblayney College is a school, which sets high standards for itself and is achieving those standards across all areas of school life. The quality of teaching observed was of a very high standard. The learning environment was managed in an atmosphere of mutual respect between teacher and student. In all lessons there was a good sense of discipline."

"…..the impression throughout is of a well ordered, well maintained, and stimulating atmosphere supportive of teaching and learning. The pastoral care system and the general concern for student welfare and for student achievement are perceived as high priority concerns for the school that are well delivered in practice. The school code of discipline attaches priority to affirming positive behaviour and performance."

Recent Subject Inspection
“An excellent standard of teaching was evident in the lessons observed, with particular reference to the engagement of the students, the use of active learning methodologies, the development of skills and the encouragement of students to reflect on their learning experiences......”

Working Together
Our school motto, Saothar le Sonas – Working Together in Happiness – embodies a key aspect of the school ethos, that of close co-operation between school and home. Regular communication through parent-teacher meetings, student progress reports and the Parents Association ensure a close working relationship. The school text messaging service means instant communication with all parents on all relevant issues.


President Mary McAleese VisitMcAleese Visit

An extract from a speech by President Mary McAleese when she visited our school in January 2008....

”Your family chose this school for you because they wanted the best for you and you come here and you give of your best day in day out. And in giving of your best you are the people who enthuse and re-energise the teachers who, in turn, have made your lives and your education their passion and vocation”.

Words like these certainly evoke our motto of Your Child, Our student.