Career Guidance and Counselling

The Guidance Counsellor is a key member of the Pastoral Care Team in our school.  Also, Career Guidance is provided on the timetable for all senior students. With the help of our Career Guidance Counsellor, students undertake preparations to assist them in making informed choices regarding college/career aspirations.

  • Students attend 3rd level college Open Days and are kept informed of the changing requirements for CAO, UCAS and other college application procedures.
  • Visiting speakers introduce the students to a wide range of professions, business and educational institutions and job opportunities. Former students are encouraged to return and speak about their chosen careers.
  • Assistance to students is also provided by teachers in their own particular disciplines.
  • Students participate in DATS tests (aptitude tests) and interest inventories which are used to help define career areas for students.
  • Students also study CV preparation, letters of application and interview techniques.
  • Students in the senior cycle are given individual career guidance counselling sessions which will assist them in making an appropriate career choice.
  • The Career Guidance department also works closely with the Work Experience Programme that assists students in exploring their career aptitudes and aspirations.
  • The school also assists students with college and employment references.