Communication with Parents

Year Head /Class Teacher System

Students meet with their Year Head or Class Teacher once a week. S/he encourages students to do their best, monitors progress, recognises and rewards student achievement as well as keeping students informed of current school happenings.

Parent - Teacher Meetings

Parent-teacher meetings are held on a regular basis and parents of all students have an opportunity to meet individual teachers at least once a year. Parents may also meet the school Principal, or any teacher, by appointment.

Progress Reports

Progress reports, including test results, are posted to parents twice in any one school year. Progress Assessments are available on request at any time.

Text Messaging Service

The School operates a computerised daily attendance system combined with a text messaging service to keep parents informed about all relevant issues.

Positive Discipline

The school discipline system derives from the key principles of our School Mission Statement. An effective discipline system helps to improve and support the quality of teaching and learning in the school. As parents and teachers, we both want the very best learning environment for all our students. A firm but fair discipline system, operating in a happy, caring environment, will guarantee that students will be able to achieve their full potential. Our discipline system enables teachers to reward students for excellent performance. Each student is made aware of the school rules, the details of which are printed in student homework journals.

The Student Homework Journal

The student homework journal is a school document which contains a record of homework assignments. This booklet may have notes inserted by teachers regarding student performance, attendance and punctuality and should be read and signed by parents on a weekly basis. It is an invaluable method of communication between school and home.