Welcome from the Principal, Mr. McVeigh

Welcome from the Principal, Mr. McVeigh As you browse through our College site, and I hope that you will take the time to do so, you will discover that Castleblayney College is more than just a school. We are extremely proud of our students’ successes. They do well academically, excel on the sports field, engage in inspiring music and drama stretching themselves in many different ways through the enormous variety of activities on offer in our College. We have a state of the art College campus that offers our students an environment in which to learn, play and forge lifelong friendships with students and staff alike.

 The real testimony of a great school is not in its building or resources. It is about the strength and effectiveness of the people who belong to its community. It is well known that the staff, pupils and parents of the College work in close partnership to ensure that all the necessary ingredients are in place to meet individual needs. In promoting this sense of partnership we make sure that our students develop and explore their innate talents and developing interests. In a recent Whole School Inspection, the inspectors recorded that care and welfare of students is a high priority of our College while also noting excellent practices in teaching and learning.

 However, we are interested in more than worldly achievement. An education in Castleblayney College provides the girls and boys with a moral compass for life. The ethical and moral values that the students develop here act as a bearing to guide them through adult life in an increasingly challenging, interconnected world, filled with moral confusion.

We are proud to serve the children from the local and regional areas of Castleblayney. I hope that your first visit to this website will lead to a developing relationship with us. I warmly invite and encourage you to visit us in person when you will be greeted by well-presented, articulate, competent and courteous students, and a highly skilled and welcoming staff team. As you step through the doors of our College you will realise that you are in a school that brings meaning to a holistic education.