All senior students are presented with the opportunity of participating in Gaisce, The President’s Award. Guided and encouraged by their teachers, students set themselves a number of challenges in the areas of Community Involvement, Personal Skills, Recreational and Venture Activity. To date, more than five hundred students have achieved the award at various levels and many of those have remarked on the value of the award in improving their confidence and self-esteem.

As well as deriving personal fulfillment from participating in Gaisce, students also have opportunities to provide help and support for others. The importance of the idea of community, which is central to the ethos of our school, is very much a part of the Gaisce Award as operated in Castleblayney College. As part of their challenge, many students become personally involved in community work and fund-raising projects which help and support a wide variety of deserving causes, many of which are local. In this pro-active way our students are helping to build a better future for both themselves and others.