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Further to the reopening presentations last weeks I am providing you with a short overview of some of the key points. Also included in this correspondence is the full presentation and some frequently asked questions that I hope will support you and your son/daughter prepare in returning to school.

Return of students to school
All the staff in the school are looking forward to welcoming your son/daughter back to school and we are expecting that all students do return. However, for a small number of students, through no fault of their own, cannot return due to underlaying health conditions. These students are regarded as ‘Very High Risk’ students – they cannot attend school. If you are concerned that your son/daughter has an underlaying health condition
and would like to query if this would be regard as ‘Very High Risk’ please contact the school. 
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CBC COVID 19 Response Plan
The school has prepared its COVID 19 response plan. This comprehensive plan details all the necessary planning and protocol the school is committed to upholding to ensure the safe return of all staff and students. The plan, which is in draft until ratified at the next Board of Management meeting, is included in this correspondence and also available on our school website and on the student OneNote Book.
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Cashless School Canteen
Please find enclosed information which includes a short video, regarding the move to cashless system being introduced in the school. Please note that in the video demonstration it refers to a card. Students will not be using a card rather a wristband instead. If you have any queries or require further support, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the school.
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Frequently Asked Questions on reopening CBC
We have prepared a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ documents on the arrangements for reopening our school. I encourage you and your son/daughter to read the answers to the various questions listed. If you still have a question that you would like answered you can complete a short form and we will add this question that the answer/guidance to this document to share with everyone. You can access the link to the form by clicking on the
following: https://tinyurl.com/reopeningCBC
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Finally, all students will be getting a link to attend an online briefing with deputy principal and myself week commencing Monday 24th August 2020. Please remind your son/daughter to confirm their attendance by accepting the invitation to attend the presentation. All of the information including the Reopening CBC presentation is available on the school website under the tab titled ‘Reopening CBC’ and on the CBC Student OneNote Book, under the section titled ‘Reopening CBC’.