Engineering Department

Subject Background:
At junior cycle level, Metalwork is one of the technology subjects offered. It is an activity-based course focusing on metal, how to work with it and how to assemble different parts. Other materials such as plastics and wood are also investigated and used in project work. You will be working with basic electronic components too.

EngineeringSample JC Project:
The project is couple with a theory exam which focuses on areas such as materials and their properties, steel production design process, engine mechanics, and workshop equipment.

At senior cycle level, engineering is a subject which affords students the opportunity to develop skills in creativity, problem solving, innovation, research, enterprise, design, manufacture, and through the process of reflection.
The subject represents a study of a wide range of engineering materials, processes, and technological applications coupled with the acquisition of skills and techniques. This is used to promote an educational knowledge to achieve objectives through practical work, and to display initiative in the planning and development of technological projects from Transition year through to Leaving Certificate.

The final exam links in all the theory studied in the course such as: general engineering knowledge, materials, structures and their properties, materials testing, welding and joining processes, machining, and mechanisms.

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