Construction / Woodwork

Woodwork Junior Cert
Brief subject content
The new syllabus concentrates on developing the student’s problem solving ability by presenting her/him with everyday problems and guiding them towards a practical solution thereby developing their practical reasoning and equipping them with the wherewithal to tackle problems in a practical manner while still emphasising the traditional skills associated with the woodworking industry.

Assessment for Junior Certificate
Practical Project (two thirds of the Junior Certificate marks)

Prescribed project issued by the Department of Education and Science
e.g.“Many toys are designed to develop and refine the manipulative skills of a child”
Design and make an attractive and stimulating toy for use by a child.
The toy should include a device or mechanism which will enhance the child’s manipulative skills.
Theory exam (one third of the marks)
A written exam completed in June.

Careers with Materials Technology (Wood)
Woodwork teacher, Town planning, Architecture, Quantity Surveyor, Civil and Structural Engineer,
Carpenter, Do-it-Yourself, Furniture making, Product Design..

Leaving Certificate Construction Studies

Construction Studies introduces students to the knowledge and skills associated with construction technology and construction materials and practices. This is achieved through theoretical study and integrated practical projects which provide a basis for the thorough exploration of materials and processes
Part I - Construction Theory and Drawing
• General principles
• Substructure
• Superstructure
• Internal construction
• Services and external works
• Heat and thermal effects in buildings
• Illumination in buildings
• Sound in buildings
Part II - Practical Skills
• Tools
• Processes
Part III - Course Work and Projects
• Workshop/laboratory experiments
• Student projects

Construction Studies is assessed at both Ordinary level and Higher level by means of a terminal examination paper (50%), a practical test (25%) and a student project (25%). A revised syllabus, with the title Architectural Technology, has been prepared, but funding hasn't currently made available to proceed with implementation.